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frequent Asked Question

Yes, you can! There are trainee positions in Early Childhood that welcome those without prior training and are serious about making a career switch to the sector. There is the Career Conversion Programme (CCP) where you will be sponsored for your course and receive monthly salary during the course duration.

While preschools operate from 7am to 7pm, most preschools would typically have shifts for their teachers. The opening shift would start at 7am and end earlier while those on the closing shift would start later and end at 7pm. Interested applicants can check with the preschools on their shift arrangements for teachers.

Most preschools operate half-days on Saturdays. As the number of children attending the preschools on Saturdays are generally fewer than normal weekdays, staff may not be required to work on all Saturdays (e.g. for some preschools, the teachers are required to work only on one Saturday per month). As the arrangement varies from one preschool to another, you may want to check with the preschools directly on this.

Below is a list of resources that will help you better understand a career in the early childhood sector:

Shape Our Tomorrow is a website that is specially created for jobseekers who are exploring a career in the early childhood sector.

The Grow@Beanstalk is full of inspirational stories, practical tips, useful resources, and updated news from ECDA and the early childhood sector.

You can also keep up to date by following ECDA’s social pages.

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